It is essential to have professional drawings. We only build from drawings completed by an architect or architectural drawer. This will help with Regulations and help us your builders ensure you get exactly what you want. We can recommend good Architects, Architectural Drawers and Structural Engineers if you wish.

Building Regulations (before the project):

Most home extensions and loft conversions are covered under the 'Permitted development' regulations meaning that you do not need planning permission. But most will still come under the planning legislation so they still require a building regulations application. Once you contact an Architect or Architectural drawer and go through with them what you want, they can advise as to what you will need.

If you want further information on this area check out your local Council's website, such as www.cambridge.gov.uk/planning-applications

Party Wall agreement:

If your house is terraced or semi-detached you will need a party wall agreement for all loft conversions and for extensions if the extended area is built along the party line. It is best to have a chat to your neighbours first to let them know what you are planning and after this draft a 'party wall agreement'. Some neighbours will be happy to sign your letter after looking at your plans, others might want to appoint their own surveyor to ensure their home is not unduly impacted. Check out the following for more information: www.planningportal.gov.uk/buildingregulations/buildingpolicyandlegislation/currentlegislation/partywallact

Building Regulations (During the project):

At key stages during the build, the Building Regulator will come to your house and 'sign off' that the stage of work has been completed to the correct standard by us. If it is difficult for you to be at home for these visits, we are happy to meet with the Building Regulator. 

Building Regulations (After the project):

Once the project is completed you will receive a Building certificate. This lets you as well as potential future owners of the house know that the building project has been carried out to meet Building Regulation standards and that this is verified by an experienced, knowledgable and responsible third party. This certificate must be kept safely, as you will need it when you come to sell your home.


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