We are always looking for the right people. We are busier now than we have ever been and the core team has expanded from 15 to 21 over the last year. We are looking for people in three categories:

1. School leavers who are looking for an apprenticeship. Each year we take on at least one apprentice and support them through their three years of college. We are mostly interested in apprentice carpenters who have the characteristics to become future project managers. 

2. Those who have just finished their apprenticeship.

3. More experienced tradespeople who have completed their apprenticeship and have two or three years experience. 

You must be a good team worker, be able to communicate very well with customers and be a nice person. You can learn the rest with our help.

Please enquire by sending an e-mail with your CV or contacting us by telephone.

Many thanks,
Andrew Fordham, Simon Fordham.

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